Advice: A Matchmaker’s Top Tips for Blind Dating

Few events inspire anxiety like a blind date, and the unknown mystery of meeting someone sight-unseen is especially stressful.

As Dating Sunday approaches this weekend (January 3rd), the busiest day for online dating, Professional matchmaker and Agape Match founder Maria Avgitidis understands what many experience and has some simple but surefire tips to make a good first impression:

RESPECT your date. Sure, you haven’t met yet, but remember to be courteous to your date and work not to have last minute scheduling conflicts.

PREPARE for your date. Plan what to wear and give yourself plenty of time to arrive on time. First impressions mean a lot, if a date sees you disheveled, dirty or dressed inappropriately you are not off to a good start.

RELAX before your date. Remember that your match is on a first date too! There’s no reason to be nervous. Feel confident and optimistic, and avoid past relationship talk.

ENGAGE your date. Ask plenty of questions without coming across as intrusive. Smile and be yourself!

LISTEN to your date, actively. We often try to formulate another question in our heads instead of listening to what the other person is saying.

BE OPEN to exchanging phone numbers. Most times, chemistry develops over …read more      

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