Kelly Shibari Named ‘Person of the Year’ by

Kelly Shibari is named “Person of the Year” by The Sexposé. The confidence advocate’s work, and recent news naming her as the first plus size model in Penthouse Magazine, are recognized by the independent sexuality media outlet, in their inaugural celebration on influencers.

“For nearly 10 years, Kelly Shibari has been known for being one of the most incredible adult entertainers this industry has ever seen,” says Founder and General Manager of The Sexposé, Chris Hall. “Her appearance in the 2016 issue of Penthouse is not only a crowning achievement of her hard work, but a watershed moment for all plus size entertainers, whom are becoming accepted more than ever in the mainstream pornographic world. The Sexposé wishes to recognize Kelly as a wonderful ambassador of plus size entertainers, and the adult industry at large. Her work and advocacy which has culminated to her historic appearance in Penthouse, and the doors it will open to plus size adult models everywhere, is the reason why we named her one of our inaugural Persons of the Year.”

Founded by Chris Hall in January 2015, The Sexposé ( is a groundbreaking online magazine, blog, and web channel dedicated to covering and exploring the adult …read more      

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