Lola Luscious Launches Fundraising Campaign

lola luscious

Los Angeles – The very busy Lola Luscious recently created a campaign to help launch her newest project, Luscious Films.

Having decided to create her own production company, Luscious Films, the tattooed vixen is thrilled at the opportunity to be more creative and take a much more hands-on approach to her own scenes. Many performers before her have taken a similar path, for many of the same reasons, but Lola adds this: “As a heavily tattooed performer, I am a prime example of someone who needs to take their career into their own hands. An agency looks at me and sees a lot of work for little benefit.I have met the owners of some larger agencies and they love me, but always have to let me know I just have too many tattoos. When you have a roster of untouched, young skin that all producers are clambering to book – it just doesn’t make sense. So that is one of the first reasons for Luscious Films – getting my work out there”.

Ready to take on projects including performers in her situation, she is also thrilled to be able to showcase the models at Luscious Talent. Of this opportunity, Lola …read more      

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