Anonymous: Using sex workers doesn’t make me a pervert or predator

germany prostitution financ 450x314 Anonymous: Using sex workers doesn't make me a pervert or predator


The government of Canada says I’m a bad person. In fact, they say I am a pervert and a predator for using the services of prostitutes. They’re wrong.

I have used the services of female prostitutes on a number of occasions, while I was still married to my wife of many years. While I loved my partner and we were a happy family with one child, it was a sexless marriage. My spouse had no interest in me sexually and we had separate bedrooms for more than a decade of our union.

What was I supposed to do? I was a healthy young man with normal sexual desires. I did not want to break up our family and I did not want to have an affair. The simplest solution was to pay the sex worker, from time to time, to meet my needs.

I meant no disrespect to my wife and, likewise, I treat all women with the respect they deserve. That includes the women I paid to have sex with me. These encounters were mutually consensual business transactions that harmed no one.

That is the first place I take issue with Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s characterization of prostitution. He says it is demeaning …read more    

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