Good Things Can Come From Awkward, Weird Sex


At age 14, comedian Natalie Wall wasn’t having sex, but she could absolutely provide you with any information you might need to know about anatomical instruction or details about STDs.

“I came from a very open family. My mom would say things like: ‘You need to experiment. Get your fucking O. You need to have sex before marriage. You need to know.’ None of my friends’ parents were talking to them like that, so I became the person who knew stuff even though I hadn’t done anything. My friends were losing their virginity at like 14 and 15 and I was like, ‘I’m not, but I can answer all your questions about STDs and I can tell you what your clit is,’” she told us recently.

As a college student, Wall recalls leading discussions about vibrators and masturbation with her dorm mates, encouraging them to discuss their sex lives openly — no matter how good, bad, weird, liquid-y, smelly, or horrendously embarrassing the encounter was. “A lot of times we’re told not to talk about, appreciate, dissect, or feel comfortable with having weird sex. I like to make people feel better about it.” Five years after graduating, Wall is still making people …read more      

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