A Statement From Indigo August On Her Drugging and Assault

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Here is a detailed statement from Indigo August on the allegations she made Monday night on social media. At the bottom are two images she provided us.

Three days ago, I was booked to entertain a party – what I did not find out until I was there was a bachelor party – in Austin. The man who booked it was Adam Hasner, owner of Aire Rose. I was supposed to be “the blond” and share a room with “the brunette,” who turned out to be Heather Hurley/Smith. It was made explicitly clear that for the $1500 I was supposed to be paid, all I was expected to do was entertain people. So that is what I did from the moment I got there – hung out with the guys, chat, drink with them, dance with them.

My agent had told me I would be sharing a room with the other girl, not, as I would find out, sharing one bed with her and Adam Hasner.

My memories of friday are crystal clear until approximately 11:15pm. We went to get BBQ, and afterwards we went to multiple bars, at one of which a fan recognized me and …read more      

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