Playboy model April Summers tells of her revenge porn nightmare

A PLAYBOY centrefold was targeted by an obsessive fan and then fell victim to revenge porn after the man tricked her into a fake photoshoot and then secretly filmed her with a camera hidden in his watch.
April Summers, 27, was led to believe she was getting photos done for lads-mag Loaded by Naushad Faruk, 33.
In fact there was no deal with the [now closed] Loaded, and Faruk — a PR cameraman — had just set up the photoshoot in an elaborate ploy to see her, even getting a stylist and photographer, The Mirror reports.
Faruk was so captivated by Miss Summers he had a tattoo of her face on his arm and at one time called her 12 times a day, begging her to marry him.
But if that sounds creepy, then far worse was to follow.
Using a camera hidden in the watch, he covertly filmed her undressing for the photoshoot and uploaded the footage to his computer.

Miss Summers found out she had been duped when Faruk sent her a link to the video.

It revealed her in a sexually compromising position with the message:
“TBC [To be continued]. What happens next to up to you,” he had written.
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