Fancy Chicken Breeders Ruffled by Adult Film

Screen Shot 2014 03 11 at 9.07.21 AM 450x272 Fancy Chicken Breeders Ruffled by Adult Film

Some French breeders of high-end chickens ruffled by porn producers

Farmers of France’s famed Loué chickens were outraged to discover their lovely town is now famous for hardcore porn as well as posh poultry.

Chicken farmers were shocked to learn that an adult movie was filmed near where they raise high-end, free-range chickens.

According to The Local, a woman posing as a “farmer’s daughter” was caught with her co-star and a film crew in broad daylight in the otherwise quiet little town of Loué in central France, which is otherwise famous for producing high-end, free-range chickens. The crew was chased off by town residents, but one of the town’s farmers later found his town in some of the seedier parts of the Internet.

The video opens innocently enough with the woman posing near the roadside sign for the famous village,

The video pretends the female lead is a young chicken farmer, and features establishing shots of her posing near the roadside sign for Loué. The video’s introduction says the star is Sophie, a chicken breeder who met up with producers because she wanted to make “a video for her husband as a Valentine’s Day gift.”

Then things get grown-up very quickly, right in …read more    

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