The Clock Is Ticking on PWL Supporter @Porncummunity

PCTRPWL The Clock Is Ticking on PWL Supporter @Porncummunity

Yesterday we posted our new ongoing Twitter Troll top 5 rankings..After it went up, the guy who earned the top spot, @PORNCUMMUNITY got his feelings hurt by my accusations of him promoting the hate site PWL :

Going as far as to say im making things up..Below is just one of the tweets PORNCUMMUNITY tweeted to his followers a few months back:

Gee, Looks to me like a tweet with a PWL link coming from your account Mr.Porncummunity..Whose making shit up now bitch? PornCummunity, the obsessed troll who will use any means necessary in his feud against CX3..Even going as far as to send traffic to a pornsite that posts pictures of innocent children/family members of the talent pool along with personal info of the the people he calls his friends:

unnamed16 The Clock Is Ticking on PWL Supporter @Porncummunity

Odd behavior for a guy who claims to be protecting talent from the evils that infiltrate the adult industry.

If calling me a liar wasn’t enough, it looks as though Mr.PornCummunity overestimated his so called positive impact …read more    

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