Mike South Uses His ESP to Protect The Adult Industry…

SOuthPASS Mike South Uses His ESP to Protect The Adult Industry...

Everyone thank Mike South for using his ESP Powers for good and saving the world .. I really hate wasting time on Mike Souths lies, so this will be quick..

Here we go again, Mike South and his rattle snake stories. So some guy says he signed up on PASS, and that’s how Donny Long is getting what little new info he has?? WTF?? How did you get from point A to B?

LOL So lets pretend that PASS was leaking info str8 to PWL…What info is there? I already know the answer to that question, but South likes to play the people that don’t..South makes a living preying on people who truly don’t understand what goes on in the adult industry to them, South really is an insider, while to the industry, South is a lying POS..

For the people who dont understand whats included in PASS, I emailed Diane Duke at FSC and she sent me this:

Anyone who signs up as a producer is vetted. Performer names are not on the database, only legal names. There is no way to connect legal names with performer names unless the person already has that information. Additionally, the PASS …read more    

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