Penthouse Cover Model TANYA TATE Offers Catalog Of Movies To “Man of The World” MP Simon Danczuk!

Award winning adult entertainment superstar Tanya Tate ( has offered to gift a selection of the Filly Films movies she has directed and starred in to member of UK parliament Simon Danczuk. Self-proclaimed “Man of the World,” MP Danczuk has made his appreciation for adult entertainment known after he accidentally favored a tweet that was posted from a Twitter account which described itself as “an 18+ Erotic account for posting sexy pictures of sexy women.”

When it became a news item in the UK press, the unapologetic MP made a strong statement saying “Let’s be truthful about this. If I am being asked have I ever used porn, then the answer is yes.” The Liverpudlian MILF queen took note of the MP’s honesty and is now offering to send him her movies.

“I truly appreciate the honesty that Mr. Danczuk has shown,” said Tanya. “Adult entertainment has come under fire in my home country, so when someone of prominence steps up and acknowledges they enjoy this form of entertainment, I have to applaud. I hope that he and his lovely wife can spend some quality time enjoying my movies. Simply contact me via Twitter …read more      

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