Arizona House OKs felony ‘revenge porn’ bill, sends it to Senate

jd mesnard Arizona House OKs felony revenge porn bill, sends it to Senate

PHOENIX — PHOENIX (AP) – The Arizona House on Monday unanimously approved a bill aimed at stopping jilted lovers from posting explicit pictures of their former flames online to get revenge.

The measure sponsored by Rep. J.D. Mesnard, R-Chandler, would make it a felony to post nude photos of a person without their written consent.

“As technology changes, people invent new ways of hurting folks,” Mesnard said. “If at the end of the day we send pictures to somebody in the context of a loving relationship, we should not have to wonder what that person is going to do.”

Arizona Republican Rep. J.D. Mesnard, sponsor of the ‘revenge porn’ bil

House Bill 2515 is one of many measures being considered by lawmakers across the nation in response to the posting of “revenge porn” that has been made easier by the growth of social networking sites. Last year, California made it a misdemeanor to post such images.

Members of an Arizona House committee that passed the bill in February expressed concern that the proposal was too broad and could inadvertently target teens who “sext.”

“Sexting” involves sending racy images to peers that are sometimes re-sent to others. Current law makes the practice a petty offense.

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