Sex Ed Teachers Could Go To Jail In Kansas

Kansas teachers who distribute ‘Harmful' materials may face jail time under a new bill

Also teachers who assign “Huckleberry Finn,” “The Catcher in the Rye” and other classics, as the state Senate passes a measure allowing prosecution of teachers who distribute “harmful” literature

Kansas teachers who distribute ‘Harmful’ materials may face jail time under a new bill. The bill was reportedly first drafted in response to parent complaints about this sex-ed poster displayed last year in Hocker Grove Middle School in Shawnee, Kansas

Last month, a school in Utah sent a girl home for wearing a sleeveless dress. Last week, another school turned away a girl because she tried to attend a Valentine’s Day dance without a date. And now there’s this.

On Feb. 25, the Kansas Senate passed a bill that makes it possible to imprison teachers who distribute so-called inappropriate materials — from sex ed textbooks to several works of classic literature — to their students.

The bill, proposed by conservative state Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook (pictured), deletes a provision in current state law that exempts schoolteachers and officials from such prosecutions. Senators passed the bill 26 to 14.

The Kansas legislature already had a law in place that criminalized promoting material “harmful to minors,” but certain institutions, such as schools and museums, were previously …read more      

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