Awful News for AHF: 3 Discoveries Can Revolutionize How We Fight HIV

Protein CCR5x4001 Awful News for AHF: 3 Discoveries Can Revolutionize How We Fight HIV

For AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s in-house latex fetishist, Michael Weinstein, condoms and costly post-infection medications are the ONLY way to deal with HIV/AIDS. He opposes Truvada / pre-exposure prophylaxis, known as ‘PrEP’ (“There truly is ‘no magic pill’ when it comes to HIV prevention.”). He even opposes government funding of research to find a vaccine.

Of course, AHF sells AIDS meds through its pharmacies — so a world without HIV/AIDS would seriously hurt his bottom line — but for Weinstein, whose organization manufactures TWO brands of condoms — LOVE and ICON — condom use is an end in itself. “People will stop using condoms if they’re taking this [PrEP] medication,” he bleats.

Now, three recent discoveries may bring us closer to the day when Weinstein and his fellow AIDS profiteers are out of a job…

A series of new discoveries made public last week could have significant implications for the treatment of HIV and new strategies for how to prevent its spread. Indeed, they signify a growing shift in how society understands the virus itself.

1. People With Undetectable Viral Loads Do Not Transmit The Virus

There is still no cure for HIV, but treatment methods have improved to the point that many people …read more    

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