The Internet is Forever: Should Doing Porn Ruin Your Life? (No, Of Course Not. But It Might)

The Internet is Forever -- Nina Hartley is very passionate about sex education.

From Jezebel

If there’s one thing everyone in the adult industry wants you to know, it’s this: The internet is forever. And whether you only do one scene or 500, people will know. Your family will know. Your church will know. And, even if you’re using a pseudonym, it won’t be too long before that’s figured out too. Should performing sex on film ruin your life? No. Will it? There’s a pretty good chance it can.

Over the four days I spent at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE), I learned a great deal more than I expected about the pornographic film industry. I learned about why some big names got into the business (they love sex, the money’s good, etc) and I talked to hopefuls who’ve done just a few movies and won’t ever blow up in the same way a Jessica Drake or a Jenna Jameson has. There’s no telling who will be here for the long haul, but every new performer’s future will be affected by the adult films they’ve done and, likely, in a very negative way.

Nina Hartley is very passionate about sex education.

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