Playboy Profiles Photographer Joshua Darling

 Playboy Profiles Photographer Joshua Darling

Erotic photographer Joshua Darling is the subject of a feature article this week on

“Being featured as a photographer-of-note in Playboy is literally a dream come true,” Darling said. “When you work with adult themes, being taken seriously as an artist can be challenging, but the recognition of an institution like Playboy changes that. I’m deeply grateful to writer Vanessa Butler, and to Playboy.”

Originally based in New York, where he worked as a portrait photographer and Shakespearean theater actor, Darling flew to Los Angeles two years ago to shoot stills for Sweetheart Video’s all-girl feature, “My Sister Celine.” Impressed by his work, director Nica Noelle offered him a job as her exclusive photographer. Darling soon relocated to Los Angeles, where he now lives and photographs some of the biggest stars in adult film.

“Joshua Darling is the most gifted photographer I’ve ever worked with,” Noelle said. “He captures the essence of his subjects and presents them as both magical and vulnerable; deeply human, yet bigger than life.”

The interview, which chronicles Darling’s artistic development and colorful family history (his grandfather was a suspect in the Black Dahlia murder case) can be found here.

Darling is also the founder of …read more    

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