Gregg Dodson & Lawyer Up, Prepare to Sue Mike South

Dodson South 12312014

Gregg Dodson, one of the owners of adult verified video chat has hired noted adult industry attorney Karyn Tynan..As most of you already know, Mike South has been posting lies about Mr. Dodson for awhile now. He was previously served a cease and desist by Mr Dodson and South changed his post. Apparently Mike South didn’t learn his lesson and posted another obvious lie about Mr. Dodson only this time he included Mr. Dodson’s company. Mike’s post was a blatant attempt to impact Mr. Dodson’s business..

I asked Gregg why he thought Mike continues to harass him?

“I believe that he has had a personal vendetta against me since I was asked to replace him as the GM of the strip club he was managing in Ohio”
“People would call the club asking to speak with the owner Mike South and I politely and professionally explained to them that Mr. South was NOT the owner and was no longer employed by the company” I am sure this humiliated him”.
“Mr. South knows exactly what I look like and yet even after proving that I am NOT the man in the picture he has posted on his site he …read more      

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