The Latest HIV Gay Porn Scare, And The AHF/CalOSHA Attempt To Stoke Peak BS For Their Condom Mandate


Well…2014 was indeed the year of the attempted HIV Porn Scare, with the AB 1576 campaign going down in flames before the California State Senate….but I did say then that it would not be the last attempt by those wanting to impose condoms on porn shoots to attempt to shake the hive.

And this week, they almost got their panic. Almost, that is.

This whole story starts in September of this year, where an unnamed gay porn performer somehow managed to score a shoot in a gay video in Nevada while he was HIV+, and managed to infect at least one other gay performer in the process. Note the qualifier here: a gay shoot. Bookmark that one, really, because it will come in quite handy later on.

Update: After further review of CDPH’s alert, I rephrase that last paragraph: the original performer had tested negative, then performed unprotected in two shoots within the two week period where he unintentionally infected at least one other performer. Still, the question remains of the length of time between his last negative test and the shoot, as well as how he got infected to begin with. Also, the second performer was infected in a subsequent shoot, …read more      

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