Mercedes Carrera’s #ImmoralSupport – Moral Panic: Pornography and Gaming

matt taylor esa shirt 450x296 Mercedes Carrera's #ImmoralSupport   Moral Panic: Pornography and Gaming

If some of you have been watching my Twitter activities, you’ll see that I’m actively involved in the gaming community, and often the conversation includes the consumer revolt which utilizes the hashtag #GamerGate. While more information can be gathered at than I could possibly consolidate into an article, I’d like to highlight a few important points which, whether one is involved in gaming or not, affect the porn industry.

The adult industry has, for years, been a bastion of free speech and first amendment rights, no matter how controversial (see this article for an interesting analysis of the matter). While pornography might be taboo or simply distasteful to many, it is an accepted and sizable portion of web viewed content and commerce. It has been argued by those who oppose pornography that the viewing of such content has an adverse effect on society, particularly in regards to sexual violence. However, once studied it was concluded that not only is there no causal link between pornography and rape, in fact the opposite may be true. While this information may be irritating to the many so-called and self ordained moral bastions of society, it proves that <a class="colorbox" …read more      

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