#Racist BIPOC-AIC Launches Fundraiser for Mutual Aid Fund #TRPWL Views On #RACE

BIPOC= Black, Indigenous People Of Color .. You would think the PORN based group would of found a way to include the minority majority in it’s fancy little acronym, but that would require too much effort..At the end of the day, this group was thrown together to take advantage of the racial trends vs creating real change.

Since the tragic death of George Floyd, you see d-list POC using it as a platform to further their OWN career.. Its sad really…When you get on your twitter and say give me money cuz im black and you owe me, it makes me wanna punch you in the face..

Believe it it or not, I used to hang out with Pimp C from time to time, all he ever did was complain about JIVE records…My response was always the same. you signed the contract, they don’t owe you shit. If you’re a black performer and you agree to a B/G rate of 800 bucks, no one owes you shit outside of the 800..You weren’t oppressed, you decided what your pussy was worth and showed up for work.

You think a Marcus London will get the same rate as a Xander Corvus? Or even my bitch …read more      

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