Create Your Own Virtual Scene with Casca Akashova

Miami – The buxom Casca Akashova has teamed up with Naughty America to put fans in the director’s chair with their innovative new program. As part of their Virtual Sex site, Naughty America is allowing fans to create an avatar of Casca and create your own virtual scene.

The virtual Casca can be placed in a variety of poses and acts, allowing the creator to make their own fantasy scene. What’s more, fans can then use Augmented Reality (AR) to have Casca appear right in front of them, for a new virtual porn experience.

Casca is excited to connect with fans in a new way. She commented, “The experience you get interacting with me as an Avatar is like no other. You can literally take me anywhere with you and play with me… which is sexily phenomenal.”

Since first appearing on Naughty America last year, Casca has quickly become a fan favorite. Her latest scene, her 12th in under a year for Naughty America is available now on their Naughty Office site. Casca needs to have serious talk with her new employee, Jay Romero. He’s quite the distraction in the office, and Casca can’t have that. His punishment: pleasing Casca in …read more      

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