.@Korradelrio Featured in ‘TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly’ Academic Journal

Award-winning performer Korra Del Rio is featured in the latest issue of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, the leading non-medical academic journal of trans studies published by Duke University Press. She appears both as the issue’s cover model and as a co-author to an article highlighting her experience as a trans adult performer.

“I am excited to be featured in the latest issue of Transgender Studies Quarterly,” says Korra Del Rio. “In this special issue on trans pornography, a first for the field, editors Sophie Pezzutto and Lynn Comella introduce trans pornography as a valid and important field of research. The issue brings into conversation a number of industry voices, placing particular emphasis on providing a platform for performers to talk about their experiences. In addition to appearing on the cover, an article of mine is featured in the issue, co-written with Sophie, highlighting some of the aspects of being a trans porn performer. I look forward to this issue bringing awareness about the industry and our work as performers to the field of trans studies.”

In TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, Volume 7, Issue 2, Del Rio and researcher Sophie Pezzutto co-author the article, “Professionalism, Pay, and the Production of Pleasure in Trans …read more      

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