.@NalpacWholesale Announces Exclusive and Spotlights Viotec During Week Nine Of F*ck Covid19 Campaign

America’s leading adult distributor, Nalpac (www.nalpac.com), is pleased to announce they have partnered with Viotec for week nine of their F*ck Covid19 Campaign. Nalpac is also excited to announce they have secured a continued United States exclusive on the distribution of Viotec products.

Coming up during week nine of the F*ck Covid19 Campaign, Nalpac and Viotec are offering a fantastic spending promotion running now through July 29, 2020. Any customer who spends the designated amount on touch powered pleasure products Chance, Fallen City, or Blossom from Viotec will earn free products as well as marketing and promotional materials.

As part of the newly inked exclusive, Nalpac will be releasing further details soon on three new Viotec products, Titan, Dysis, and Tethys, that will be ready to ship and on store shelves before the holiday season begins. Nalpac has exclusively distributed Viotec since they entered the US market last year.

“Moving forward through our F*ck Covid19 campaign, we had to involve this Nalpac exclusive brand. Viotec offers forward-thinking pleasure that brings tech luxury to the adult market and is a must-have in any adult retail space.” said Amy Lazzara, Nalpac creative director.

As part of the F*ck Covid19 Campaign, Viotec will be taking over Nalpac’s …read more      

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