Playboy TV Europe celebrates two years of freedom, beauty and lifestyle dedicated to pleasure!

In the spring of 2018, Playboy entrusted its European TV channel development to the DORCEL Group. Today, Playboy TV Europe is celebrating two years of novelty, travel, eroticism and lifestyle with innovative content that has already attracted more than 8 millions subscribers, from Sweden to Croatia, via France and Germany. Playboy TV Europe is completely revamping social codes with new, modern, and inspiring programs focused on culture and pleasure with star models from social networks. Aesthetic, exotic and erotic, the channel provides Europe with a journey of sensuality and beauty, captured all around the world by the best photographers and the craziest and most talented videographers. More than eroticism, Playboy TV Europe offers a true unbridled and exciting art of living!

In two years, Playboy TV Europe has become the sole high-end television channel dedicated to lifestyle and sexy entertainment that follows the latest trends in fashion, travel, culture and eroticism. With 50% of all new programs produced throughout Europe, you can travel with some of the world’s most beautiful models in heavenly locations for exceptional shootings and discover the work of the greatest artists in photography.

In the very first episode of Inseyede, the mythical photographer and stylist of the Parisian …read more      

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