Jordan Owen: Gail Dines’ Double-Talk to Dismiss Protestors

640px Gail Dines 450x249 Jordan Owen: Gail Dines' Double Talk to Dismiss Protestors

A guest op/ed by Jordan Owen on the relentless double-talk and lateral thinking of authoritarian anti-porn fanatic Gail Dines –

Gail Dines

When Gail Dines made her infamous 2011 trip to Australia and faced extremes of support and ridicule she’d never expected, she was featured in a number of high profile media venues, not the least of which was a so-called “porn wars” debate panel with Dr. Leslie Cannold.

In the course of that event, she compared the porn industry to 1960’s hippie protestors who, when threatened with police brutality, would shout “chicks up front” so that the women in the group would form a human shield. Gail stated that the purpose of this was so that the women would get beaten instead of the men when in reality it was to discourage the police from using force altogether.

Nevertheless, she declared that the porn industry similarly placed “chicks up front,” meaning that the industry used (often intimidated, bullied) female performers as representatives in the Pro/Anti porn debate. This has been a regular tactic for Dines: dismiss any female performer who speaks up by declaring that she’s just a shill for Big Porn and act as if the male producers are …read more    

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