Why The Production Halt Was Extended To Monday

1997 Why The Production Halt Was Extended To Monday

Friday, the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) announced that the production halt it had requested on Wednesday, October 15, would be extended until Monday.

The delay is frustrating, to be sure, and many are wondering what the hold up is, considering that PASS-affiliated testing providers offer rapid turnaround on test results. Although TRPWL and its sources are bound by ethical and legal constraints in the reporting of this event, an examination of the complexities of this particular case can help explain the process — and the delay.

The current moratorium or “production hold” differs from previous moratoria in one key respect: it was not initiated by the discovery of a “reactive” or tentative positive test result at an official adult performer testing center.

In this instance, a Public Health Department outside of Los Angeles County notified Free Speech Coalition of a possible exposure on an out-of-state (i.e., non-California) film set. Thus, the production halt was based on data FSC received from outside of the PASS system.

Whilst there have been past instances of moratoria being related to possible exposures on out-of state film sets (the 2009 case, and the false positive case from 2011, for instance), in each of those cases the …read more    

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