That Time Bobbi “Master of Spinjitzu” Dylan Claimed Billy Boston Kidnapped and Raped Her

Last year I was asked by someone to leave Kung fu Dylan alone. I was told she’s a mental on all sorts of meds. Feeling sort of sad over the August stuff I agreed. In return, she was supposed to leave other people alone and act professional. It was obvious she didn’t live up to her end of the deal

During tbe 2018 Dylan Peace Accord, we continued to cap all her crap, from all her accounts for use at a later time We have hundreds of tweets and forwarded texts

Some people say she’s a harmless head case while others see her for the scumbag she truly is

Take these tweets here:

She claimed her ex boyfriend Billy Boston kidnapped her and raped her.

Oddly, no one picked up her rape claim, no press, no A listers telling her it will be alright and they got her back Nada Could it be that no one believes a word that comes out of this chicks mouth? The Kung Fu master who cried wolf

Epeliptec Ex-Stripper says when …read more      

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