TRPWL, Why Aren’t You Shitting On Derek Hay? Because Of The Kayla Paris’s Of The World

Yesterday, someone released a “documentary” about La Directs legal issues. The 70 minute video was basically a rehash of the 4 Jane Does suing Hay and LA Direct. Most of us have known about this video, it was started and finished 4 months ago… It just took forever to get thru legal…It took so long in fact, it makes one wonder what was originally in it that had to be removed. So far over the top legal was like “nope”…Gotta get those clicks..

In the 8 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve learned many things, like Marcus London isn’t really 5’5, he’s shorter, I’ve also learned that, and some of you may not believe me, that porn chicks don’t always tell the truth..

Girls in porn, not all, but a majority, will blame everyone else for their failures in porn… It’s never their fault, while that may just the society we now live in, It seems like I see it more with porn girls.. You’re not getting work? Lets blame the agent. No one wants to buy your clips? Lets blame Porn Hub.

When it comes to the Derek Hay stuff, I see it for what it really is. A contract …read more      

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