Daily Californian Columnist Recommends: Spice things up, make a porno

Try making a sex tape, writes Daily Californian Columnist Brett Tanonaka in this week’s Sex on Tuesday column

There comes a point in everyone’s sex life when even the most erotic aphrodisiacs become dull. So what do you do? You can go on some crazy wild adventure and have sex all over campus. Or you can call some friends over and have a massive orgy. The beautiful thing about sex is that there is a plethora of options to spice things up. My favorite? Making a porno.

Producing an actual pornography piece is not like making a Kardashian sex tape. If you’ve seen it, all Ray J did was film him and Kim having sex … barely. With sex tapes, there is no setup and the camera just gets in the way. The footage is usually shaky, and the moans just blow up the audio feed.

Porn, on the other hand, is a little different. It’s a different sexual experience. On professional pornography sets, the talents aren’t paid to simply have sex: They are actors. They have scripts. The positions and toys are chosen to arouse a specific viewer.

While perusing through Pornhub one rainy morning, I imagined what it would be like …read more    

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