Nick Boner Has A PHD In The Study Of Black Penis

This would be funny if it weren’t so sad. I met Nick once, he was a nice soft spoken guy, but somewhere along he way he’s lost it.

So not only is going off on Prince and his new Agency, but he takes it a step further by attacking the size of the owners penises’.

I wonder how Nick knows Prince’s penis is only 6 inches long?? LOL And Lex is only 7??

I picture that scene from Ace Venture when Ace is running around trying to look at everyone’s football rings. He’s on the track and jumps on a players back then holds a rag over his mouth until he passes out..Only difference is instead of looking at a ring, Nick is pulling out Lex’s dick and trying to get a measurement before he wakes up..

I wonder if Nick carries around a penis measurement notebook containing the names of all the penises’ he’s measured? Lets just hope he’s not digging up John Holmes grave

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