The Real Reason APAC Chair Ginger Banks Refused To Speak Out About Alleged Abuse On Set

A few weeks back, one of Gingers fellow performers accused Ginger of covering up allegations of abuse on an Evil Angel set. The performer, Jenny Blighe, went as far as posting text exchanges between herself and Ginger…

The below screen cap is from a story posted here 2 weeks ago.

Since that post went up, Ginger has gone out of her way to attack Jenny on both social media and cam..

From a story posted here.

That is very odd behavior considering Ginger is a member of APAC, the group of people who say they are here for other performers. More on that later.

This morning, Ginger was on Stern.

And what is she wearing? Evil Angel gear. You think she did that for free? No Way Jose.

I’m told by multiple people that Evil Angel flipped the bill for not only airfare, but the hotel as well.

Ginger didn’t want to fuck up her ride. Let that sink in, Ginger sold out a fellow performer for less than 1000 bucks..

Ginger Banks is a Ginger Banks advocate, …read more      

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