Lola Fae Makes Burning Angel Debut

lola fae

Los Angeles – There’s something about Lola Fae that drives fans wild. Her combination of sexy nymph and bratty wild child touches fans in a special way. Lola gets to show off her both these qualities in her debut scene for Burning Angel.

Released on Tuesday, “Bratty Teens: Lola Fae” begins with the school skipping Lola taking an uninvited dip in a stranger’s pool. The combination of the wet water and the naughtiness really gets Lola going, and she can’t help but pleasure herself poolside. But, when she’s confronted by pool owner, Tommy Pistol, Lola really has no excuse, except that she’s a brat that needs a good spanking. Lola gets more than a spanking, as Tommy takes her inside for quite the punishment. Lola takes it all in stride, as she gets nailed doggy style, and gets a creamy facial for her misdeeds.

Lola was excited to finally shoot for Burning Angel. She commented, “I loved working for Joanna. She makes us look beautiful and feel accepted on her set. Working with Tommy Pistol was so much fun, he is a wonderful performer, the sex was great, and I loved biting his dick!”

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