A Warning About Kevin Casali AKA West Coast Kev

kevin casali

It has been brought to our attention that a number of performers are having Kevin Casali aka West Coast Kev operate their Only Fans accounts. Gee, I don’t know, what could possibly go wrong with a person like Kevin having access to performers social media accounts, ID’s and bank info?

It’s not like Kevin once forced a girl on his roster to have sex with him, got her pregnant, then beat her to try and cause a miscarriage. There was also him fleecing Phil Varone and that time Kevin sold something like 143% of his agency to different people. He also once thought it a good idea to threaten a Spiegler girl, and the owner of this website, ask him how that last one ended.

The unlicensed agent is not real good at keeping his roster accurate. Taking a quick look at his site this morning, only two girls are actually with him. One is pretty much his slave, the other sticks around for the drugs.

Kevin does have one thing going for him besides his meth habit and constant warrants due to non-payment to the court, he claims to control all the parking garages in Vegas.

He also locks girls …read more      

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