Allan Gelbard’s Smoke And Mirrors Obsession with Derek Hay

I know I’m late to this party, my bad, I’ve been busy building yet another championship Fantasy Football team, or should I say 8 teams..Dynasty drafts and free agent signings take their toll even on someone of my level of greatness..Good news though, according to Fantasy Pros, my flex dynasty team was given the 100% mark, which means im pretty fucking cool..

By now, those of you that care, have heard about the 4 Jane Does that are currently suing La Direct owner Derek Hay. One of them, Charlotte Cross has publicly came out, the other three, are known to me and others.. I debated on naming them in this story, but decided against it. I dont want to be the guy who provokes 3 liars into fake suicide threats or have my story be the reason their escort rate falls…

Before I even get into the nitty gritty of the filing, this whole thing was designed as a smear campaign drawn up by a guy who has yet to beat Derek Hay on the merits.. Think about this, he’s not getting paid, at least not with money, and even should he win, if a contingency fee is the basis, he …read more      

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