DeKalb County Judge Doesn’t Allow Undercover Video As Evidence In High-end Escort Trial

A DeKalb County judge has ruled to exclude from trial an undercover video that prosecutors say shows a high-end escort service in action, finding that Dunwoody police obtained the video illegally.

Channel 2 Action News reported the judge suppressed the video evidence, which allegedly shows men engaging in sexual acts with the female escorts in a Dunwoody apartment. The ruling could result in the dismissal of dozens of cases, a legal expert told Channel 2.

One of the men caught on tape was a Gwinnett County assistant district attorney, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported. Christopher Quinn was one of 56 people arrested during a 2017 Dunwoody police crackdown on the “Gold Club” and “Lipstick and Shoes,” which authorities described as high-end escort services operating out of local apartment. Quinn resigned after his arrest.

According to the order, obtained by Channel 2, Superior Court Judge Gail Flake found that a warrant to install “multiple hidden cameras” inside an apartment in the 5100 block of Abercorn Way was defective.

The order said that the defendants had a “reasonable expectation of privacy from being secretly monitored and recorded.”

According to the news station, a Dunwoody police detective said in a hearing earlier this month that his department requested …read more      

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