The Reward For Lying About Being Raped/Assaulted: Leigh Raven New Penthouse Pet #MeToo

Someone sent me a a link to a new Penthouse article titled, ‘Toxic Femininity‘, it’s a really good read, it basically accuses Asia Argento & Rose McGowan of using the #MeToo movement (sexual assault claims) to further their careers. The article doesn’t mention porn in anyway, however, right in the middle of the MeToo story is this ad:

How great is that? A story titled ‘Toxic Femininity’, which is about chicks being scumbags, features an ad with one of Porns biggest scumbags, Leigh Raven

Sadly the chuckles were short lived, I was told that Leigh is a new pet..No not her suitcase pimp Nikki Hearts pet, a Penthouse Pet.

I guess Penthouse doesn’t care that she lied, that the cops said we aren’t gonna prosecute ,that the video evidence shows no assault, and the people on the set don’t back her story..Na, its all part of the bullshit #MeToo crap that women don’t lie about being raped..

Fuck it, Ill play ball..

Here Penthouse, Below you will find my recommendation for each month. They all lied about being raped, so they are perfect for your magazine.

Penthouse Pet January. Kora Peters

Penthouse Pet February Gia Paige

Penthouse Pet March Leigh Raven

Penthouse Pet April Nikki …read more      

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