PVR IRIS – The Next Generation Of VR Adult Entertainment

PVR IRIS is bringing the next generation of adult entertainment to YOU. It’s a ground-breaking headset, tailor made to provide you a 1-on-1, 2-on-1, 6-on-6 – whatever you’re into – virtual pornographic experience like no other. The PVR team set out to create a high quality, affordable, and purposeful VR headset designed for one main use – virtual reality pornography.

As the headset employs the best audio-visual technology available, it would make sense to argue that it is the perfect product
for those wanting a purely cinematic VR experience, but at PVR we wanted to address a more important problem; the virtual reality headsets available today simply do not have the technical specs or the calibration to replicate an intimate real-life sexual encounter.

In 2017, pioneer porn lovers led the charge to a 9900% increment in searches for VR pornography, and in 2018 the industry is set to experience an enormous 500% growth spurt – no, not that kind of growth spurt… Simply put, the marketplace is ready for a rig that finally provides the realistic, sexy virtual experience they have been searching for.

As the headset is designed for pornography over gaming, we are able to deliver resolutions far higher than other systems …read more      

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