Hey Tom, Dick Or Harry, Wanna Get Accused Of Assault? Book Leigh Raven Now

I try to stay out of the escort side of porn, mostly because I really don’t care. To me, a women should be able to make money off her body any way she sees fit… The exception to the ‘I dont care’ rule is when the escort in question is a total fucking piece of lying shit..

Porn companions, owned by what appears to be Trinity St. Clair, is currently booking Leigh Raven, the same Leigh Raven who accused 3 different people of raping her in a 19 month span:

Girls typically get with an agency for several reasons, one being the agency can usually provide them with a safer experience in the workplace.

There should be 2 sides to that coin, Trinity should be looking out for not only her girls, but also the people who spend money with her agency. Those guys come to a provider because they also don’t want to get ripped off, or waste there money on a bad experience. They certainly don’t want to book a girl who may wake up in a bad mood one day and try to have them thrown in jail..

If Trinity gave two fucks about her clientele, Leigh wouldn’t be on her …read more      

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