Op-Ed: Some Free Fact Checking for the ‘Daily News’

I know, I know: Times are tough. Every news outlet there is has been struggling for years with the simultaneous decline in revenue and increase in work load wrought by the digital age, so it’s little surprise that one even as major as the New York Daily News would have no room in its budget to employ a fact checker.

But fret not, Daily News, for I am here to offer that service free of charge—at least in regards to the article you ran on Thursday, “‘Just because I’m a porn star, I don’t want to be raped’: adult film industry awaits its #MeToo moment as actresses struggle to be believed.”

Clearly, your knowledge of the porn business is on par with Alana Evans’ of aerospace engineering—and I’ll get to her in a bit—but again, that’s why I’m here to help.

So then, let’s start at the top. I am going to assume that you watched the same video I’ve seen of the “raw footage” shot by director Tony T. of the sex scene between Nikki Benz and Ramon Nomar that has been at the center of ongoing legal and media crossfire between all three parties for nearly a year and a …read more      

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