The Crunkleschwitz List: Most Viewed TRPWL Posts For The First 6 Months Of 2018

Crunkleschwitz wanted to know what the top 5 most viewed posts on TRPWL are. The list encompasses all posts, not just this years. The list just uses stats for 2018 up until this morning..

5. Serenity Haze: The Saga Continues…

You can never ever go wrong with a Serenity Haze post, she’s so popular that i have named one of the coveted TRPWL awards after her.

4.The Person Behind The Fake TTS Test Is

People always ask, how can we get rid of TRPWL? I tell them, stop doing stupid shit.

3. The Smoking Gun: APAG’s HIV Positive Performer In PASS Proof Revealed

Truly some of my best work, I was able to make fun of Ruby, ahh who am I kidding, making fun of Ruby is childs play

2. Porn Star Boob Jobs: Before & After

This was a mopes idea, like Jessie Rodgers asshole, it’s still popular. part 4 coming next week

1. Shelley Lubben: Demons and Donkeys

Beating out Boobs by less than 500 clicks, this Lubben piece was written by Whiteacre. I’m 95% sure it’s the top story so far due to it’s length, as some of my readers still haven’t finished it yet, it’s like a mini …read more      

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