Famed Director Bree Mills Speaks To University of California, Santa Barbara Film Students

Bree Mills paid a visit to the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) this past week to speak with the school’s film department about her rewarding career as a filmmaker in adult entertainment.

The director and producer, who also heads up Production for Gamma Entertainment, was asked to speak to the undergraduate ‘porn’ class by Professor Constance Penley of the Film and Media Studies Department after the students had conducted a research assignment on Mills’ erotic body of work.

“I had the opportunity to speak about everything from my own coming out story to how I consider myself a feminist filmmaker, and the way I challenge the status quo about what adult content can be,” said Mills of her experience in the classroom.

The sci-fi spinoff anthology series Future Darkly also sparked a discussion of how Mills is taking adult science fiction into new uncharted territory and shaping the way people view pornography.

As for Mills’ experience as a guest lecturer, “It was a pleasure to be invited to speak at Professor Penley’s 25th anniversary edition of her groundbreaking porn class. Moreover, it was particularly interesting to have a serious academic discussion about porn and its future with a group of bright, twenty-something students.

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