Moe Johnson Files Frivolous Lawsuit Against Well Respected Director Billy Watson

I’ve been biting my tongue all day about this.. Moe Johnson has filed a lawsuit against famed director Billy Watson, claiming that Billy, along with performer Ryan Conner, conspired to call him the N-word during an interracial shoot.

It’s one of those things were facts aren’t important. I wont get into what I know, I will save that for later.. I will say Moe shot over 50 plus scenes and didn’t seem to have any issues with Billy until the work dried up..

Facts are facts, Moe was so upset over being called the N-word, he waited 5.5 months after the scene was shot before he publicly tweeted he was quitting Dogfart

After being called a terrible name, Moe made these social media posts:

Gee, he doesn’t appear to be upset..

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