Kendra Lust To Make Mainstream Debut In Upcoming Horror/Sci-Fi Franchise ‘Dead Town’

kendra lust

Los Angeles – Mad Chaos Productions has announced that world renowned Adult Film Star Kendra Lust will make her mainstream debut in a new Horror/Sci-Fi Franchise, titled “Dead Town.” The movie will begin Principle Photography in November over a 17 day period in Massachusetts. After the movie debuts in the Fall of 2019, Producer Mark Del Negro has green lit a spin-off series with the same working title.

The movie is scheduled to have premieres in New York and Los Angeles in August of 2019, and will be streamed on Amazon Direct Video, ROKU, and Apple TV. Del Negro also plans to stream the series on these platforms as well. Plans are in the works for DVDs as well, with all distribution going through Mad Chaos’ soon to be launched distribution branch.

Lust broke into the Adult industry in 2012 and has since taken the industry by storm, after starring in several films and becoming an award winning performer. Lust went on to create her own production company, Lust Army Productions, as well as founding her talent agency, Society 15. Reps at Kendra’s LA based modeling agency said about the project, “We are excited and confident about this upcoming project.” Other …read more      

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