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Angie Rowntree ( and Colin Rowntree ( are pleased to announce cannabis cooking series and lifestyle site,, starring Delirious Hunter.

The site currently showcases the first six episodes of cooking program “Mary Jane’s Apron.” In the program, Hunter plays Mary Jane, a 1950s-stylized housewife delivering real, cannabis-specific cooking lessons. Viewers learn how to prepare cannabis-infused butter, oil, flower, honey, and more — with myriad dishes coming in future episodes.

“A lot of people know about brownies and other baked goods, and on MaryJanesApron I want to expand upon that,” Hunter shared. “I make pancakes, fresh pasta, chicken kiev, and pizza for example, all of which are infused with marijuana. Cannabis can be in breakfast, lunch, and dinners!”

MaryJanesApron also showcases an extensive archive of additional cannabis-focused cooking programs and informative articles. Future episodes include guest chefs and on-location demonstrations at trade shows and public events.

“It’s a lot of fun producing a more ‘mainstream’ show,” Angie Rowntree shared. “It gives us all the opportunity to be creative in a very different way. I’m really looking forward to see where MaryJanesApron will take us.”

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The site’s launch comes at the heels of a recent Rolling Stone piece exploring the social and …read more      

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