Brett Rossi: When Will Sex Workers Get Our #MeToo Moment?

Brett Rossi is a model, entertainer, dancer, pornographic actress, and stand-up comedian based in Los Angeles.

Over the past seven months, we’ve experienced a public reckoning surrounding sexual assault and harassment, particularly in the workplace. Today, #MeToo is much more than a hashtag, it’s an internationally recognized movement—one that will likely go down in history as responsible for changing how women are treated not only at work, but in general

Meanwhile, however, Trump has implemented FOSTA-SESTA, an anti-sex trafficking bill that voluntary sex workers have very publicly argued will hugely compromise their safety while they work by shutting down online services that facilitate their safety and forcing them onto the street. Even before these bills passed, sex workers were 400 percent more likely to be murdered than the average woman, according to the Sex Workers Outreach Project.

This is violence against women on the job in its most extreme form. And yet, there is no public outcry on the level of when Aziz Ansari allegedly attempted to coerce a date into sex, Louis CK allegedly masturbated in front of women without their consent, or when Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual harassment and assault. …read more      

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