Scam Union President Alana Evans Thinks She Can Read Minds, Blames Crossovers For Performer Suicide

This chick has absolutely no fucking clue..Believe it or not, I mostly ignore her idiot ramblings since outside of porn we get along..

This tweet however I cannot:

I purposely didn’t mention the performers name, but we all know who and what she’s talking about..

The performer in question was bullied, but had depression issues long before her death..This was documented in the autopsy and by people close to her..

What performers, and fans said to her was truly disgusting, however, when I started this site, people would attempt to bully me on a daily basis, emails and tweets telling me to kill myself were constant. Obviously, my mental state was such were all it did was make me laugh…

No one kills themselves because of tweets, not unless they already had depression issues…Alana saying otherwise shows how truly out of touch she is..

And again, I am not trying to make lite of the things said to her, I was the first one to print that conclusion if you remember..But, I would never in a million years try and blame it solely on some twitter interaction or one specific group of people..

So APAG asked the only gay board member to resign, use the term …read more      

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