Scam Union APAG Loses More Board Members #GiveMeYourMoney

One has to wonder how APAG can keep up with who’s who in APAG. Since felon Phyllisha Ann founded the scam union, it’s seen over 20 people come and go, some left, after being elected to a position without being a member..LOL Yea, that happened…Like if you say the phrase that pays when your phone rings, you’re automatically a board member..

Here’s and interesting fact, there have been 3 Union Presidents, 2 resigned.. Both have complained about the Union, one publicly, and one privately..

When the Union started pushing for dues, cuz you know Alana wants to be paid for her volunteer time, they realized they weren’t gonna get very much out of the straight side of porn.

Enter Nica Noelle, the promise maker, she will promise the world and not deliver, and in true Nica fashion, she left APAG shortly after becoming a board member…

Here friend, Billy Santoro was offered up as replacement, which was a win for APAG, not only is Billy a stand up guy, he also has his own blog, Billy Leaked it. If there’s something the scam union needs, it’s positive press. The mere mention of APAG/Union invokes chuckles, which rarely leads to quality press..

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