FSC Extends Shutdown Thru Midweek

Another update from FSC about the production hold..

The FSC thanks the industry for maintaining the production hold.

PASS medical advisors have not yet been able to reach all first-generation partners, and thus we can not yet lift the production hold.

The performer participated in traditional shoots that employed both condoms and PASS testing for STI prevention. Those partners are still being identified, contacted and retested. We are hopeful that we will be able to identify these partners in the next few days for retesting.

If we are successful, and if those tests return clear, we should be able to lift the production hold mid-week. If we are not, we will need the entire performer pool to be retested in order to re-establish a baseline for safe production.

We understand that production holds are difficult financially for both performers and producers. We are working as efficiently as we can to establish a date at which production can resume safely.

While we do not have reason to believe this case was a result of on-set exposure, the existence of unknowns in regards to first-generation contacts prohibits us from re-establishing the integrity of the performer pool.

We also ask that people remember that production holds include all types of …read more      

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