Gabriella Paltrova’s Dirty Secret Revealed For Dick Drainers

gabriella paltrova

Los Angeles – Gabriella Paltrova always brings her A game to every scene, and her latest for Dick Drainers is no exception. Newly released, Gabriella is put to the test to prove just how willing she is to keep a secret

Gabriella’s boyfriend, a pro football player, has given her everything she could ever want, except she’s lonely. With her boyfriend on the road all the time, Gabriella cures her loneliness by getting naughty with some friends. But, someone knows what’s Gabriella has been up to, and is ready to expose her. Knowing her entire lifestyle is at stake, Gabriella meets with her blackmailer. If her blackmailer thought Gabriella wouldn’t do whatever it takes to keep her secret, he was wrong. Gabriella has no problem getting dirty – and skillfully deepthroats the mystery man, as well as giving plenty of rimjobs. Gabriella is able to keep her secret, as well as having a little fun in the meantime. The scene is available with a membership on or on Dick Drainers’ clip store.

B. Rich of Dick Drainers was excited to have Gabriella work for his site. He said, “She’s the bomb diggity, as the kids in 1996 would say.”

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