Euro Performer Veronica Leal Punched In The Face On Set by Mike Angelo

I found these on the Woodman forum

Below are just random excerpts from Woodmans forum

“I really like her a lot, for me she is hyper great, but yesterday she went to Rocco ( her dream she told me at the casting 10 days ago ) but it has been a disaster for her.
I just met her for lunch today, she was happy because it was snowing all night in Budapest and it was the first time of her life she see snow, but at same time she felt sad because of yesterday shoot while she passed out after been punched in the face by Mike Angelo with at the end the great surprise to be paid 200 euros less than she was supposed to be, so she cancelled her second shooting for Rocco today.
I wonder why more and more some productions don’t care about who can do what !!!
She will work for Evil Angel this week, hopefully it will be better experience for this cute girl.”

“I feel sorry for Veronica and her bad experience at Rocco`s production.

I wonder why companies like Rocco`s (and others) still use Mike Angelo as a performer?!?!??

I can`t stand to watch a …read more      

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